レビス GH-ラット  (AKRGH-010) / Rat GH (Growth Hormone) ELISA KIT

Original reports

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J Neurooncol, 2010.



レビス LH-ラット(Sタイプ);旧タイプのものも含みます  (AKRLH-010) / Rat LH (Luteinizing Hormone) ELISA KIT (S-type)

Original reports
# Easy detection of hormone secretion from LβT2 cells by using Gaussia luciferase.
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[Epub ahead of print]

# Oleuropein supplementation increases urinary noradrenaline and testicular testosterone levels and decreases plasma corticosterone level in rats fed high-protein diet
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レビス TSH-ラット(Rタイプ);旧タイプのものも含みます

Original reports 
 #Irreversible damage to auditory system functions caused by perinatal hypothyroidism in rats
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